Experience and ingenuity for production-ready parts.

It’s common for us to build the uncommon. Our capabilities are backed by more than 70 years of experience building specialty parts that meet the tightest tolerances. We excel at using exotic metals to create unique pieces that are ready to be produced — and ready to go to work. 

Prototypes are Our Specialty

Prototypes are our specialty

We work alongside our customers’ engineering groups to build precisely to their specs. And if our customer simply tells us what they need a piece to do, we can work with that, too. Our metalcrafting keeps production and the end use in mind, whether a part is the first of its kind or the fiftieth. 

Walerko Precision

Precision is the only option

Achieving tight tolerances on large workpieces is at the heart of our competencies. The metalcrafters at Walerko understand the intricacies of creating a piece so it can ultimately perform as part of a bigger machine. Our experience in building, combined with our expertise in measurement and inspection, enable us to deliver maximum accuracy.

Got a tough project?
You’ve got our attention.

There’s a reason why our customers count on us and keep coming back with more business: We deliver excellent results. We understand that it must be perfect. On time. Built to last. And that there’s nothing else like it.

truck strut - mining industry

Truck Strut

Our customer’s machine went down as they started work on this project. With production at a sudden standstill, they came to us for help. Our experience and equipment came to the rescue, and we made a plan to do a stationary set up on our boring mill. We recreated their machine in our shop by making custom tooling to produce the struts.

Fuel Control Body - Airline

Fuel Control Body

The Walerko team is known for excelling at building parts with complex geometry. This sophisticated jet engine fuel control demanded exact alignment. We used our Mazak Vertical Machining Center, and put the piece through a rigorous inspection after each milling process to prove accuracy, then provided FAIR documentation upon completing the project.

Prototype Hog Out - Construction

Prototype Hog Out - Construction

Many of our customers use our hog-out expertise as an opportunity to save time and money by not making a casting. We took a block of 1045 steel and turned it into a unique shape — so unique that the flange on the back required us to create fixturing to hold onto it during the shaping process.

Gearbox Housing - Machine Tool

Gearbox Housing - Machine Tool

Unique equipment, a passion for accuracy, and years of experience enabled us to build this gearbox housing. We deployed large Kaiser boring heads to achieve a +0.002/-0.000 tolerance, checking it with a thorough CMM inspection to insure we met the customer’s specifications. 

PLUS: We design and create fixtures and machines with integrated and moving parts for your highly specialized application.

Big jobs leave no room for errors.

Experience. Equipment. Process. Inspection. Our complex capabilities help us deliver tight tolerances and exact alignments.

Built By Precision

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