About Walerko

Performance and precision for a solid future.

We come from hardworking, humble beginnings. Our first location was a startup in a small garage in Elkhart, IN, in 1952. We’re still in Elkhart, but we’ve come a long way.

Walerko Bigger and Better

Bigger and better

The parts we make have grown in size and require more complex capabilities, like large vertical machining, and medium- and large-size milling and turning.

Walerko Precision and Quality

Precision and quality

The parts and components we produce demand extreme precision, and the technology we use enables us to achieve tolerances to .0002 of an inch. 

Growth and Expansion

In 2021, Walerko was acquired by Mno-DREK, a Private Equity Platform Company that focuses on acquiring small and mid-size manufacturing companies in the metalworking and plastic industries. Walerko is now part of a family of companies dedicated to precision machining services of highly complex parts and components.

Meet Our Family Of Companies

The addition of Walerko Tool and Engineering to our manufacturing portfolio greatly expands capacity and creates important synergies with our existing companies that will drive performance, increase margins and fuel future growth.

Julio Martinez, Mno-Bmadsen CEO

Built By Precision

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