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Senior Buyer, Stamping Press Company:

“Walerko is a very reliable partner in a relationship that goes back 15 years, delivering quality product on time. They are a very responsive and reliable company to deal with. The equipment we sell has very high tolerances and Walerko meets those standards.”

“They are very good at communicating, especially if there are any hiccups along the way. I’m never in the dark. And when, like everyone else, you have a million and one things to do, it’s great having somebody like Walerko keeping you up to date.”

Caterpillar Tool Design Project Manager:

“They built several large fixtures for us and their quality has always been spot on. Their customer service is great and refreshing – really attentive.”

“For large precision tooling they are one of the first choices for us. There are not many companies that can produce our size of tooling at the quality we expect, and have their own inspection equipment on hand.”

“Their reliability presently is outstanding. They do what they say they’re going to do, which is important in this business.”

Senior Tool Design Engineer, Mining Truck Company:

“Our experience has been really good. I don’t ever remember having to send a fixture back. The quality is excellent and they are good with close tolerances and that kind of thing. They’ve been our vendor when we’ve needed a fixture, a gauge, or a tool — they are very prompt in getting an initial quote and have been really good on price.”

“On the floor, if you have a problem, and if you don’t have complete confidence in everything that’s out there, it’s hard to find out what’s wrong. I can have 100 percent certainty that Walerko’s piece of the situation is right. So that’s one thing I know I don’t have to look at in finding a solution.”

Senior Technical Engineering Buyer, Machine Tool Company:

“Walerko has always been very competitively priced, and their quality has always been exceptional. Their capabilities to manufacture high precision components in a broad range of sizes has been very helpful to our operation.

“Their CMM capabilities help ensure that the parts are to print, and their portable measurement systems have been a great benefit to helping us align our equipment at our facilities, along with verifying other components that are too large for us to inspect.”

“We appreciate that their doors are always open for us to visit and discuss upcoming projects or just to see where and how our open orders are progressing. We both keep an open door for communication, and have resolved various types of manufacturing issues, along with discussing suggestions for improvements to reduce cost drivers within our designs.”


Senior Manufacturing Engineer, Truck Transmission Company:

“Walerko’s price and quality has always been very good. If there was ever an issue, they took care of it. They are one of the few places that were capable of making the extremely complicated checking fixtures that we needed. These fixtures have several features that are held to tolerances of only .0002 true position, regardless of feature size condition.”

“I can go to them consistently and count on them for meeting quality of construction in the right timeframe. They are also one of the few places that can handle a large quantity of fixtures. Many of my purchases may have been over 30 in quantity in one order. Several orders were well into the several hundreds thousands of dollars, with a few orders of over one million dollars. Most companies making this type of product could not handle that size of orders with the complexity of the fixtures and gages that we purchased.”

“Walerko has always been very conscientious, going above and beyond to make sure we get what we needed when we needed it.”


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