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Machine Shop FAQs

What Makes Our Machine Shop Different?

Extreme Teamwork.   Extreme Equipment.   Extreme Quality.

What is your quote process?
  • Email to your sales engineer or
  • Due date on RFQs is noted and sent to estimating department
  • Quote is entered into estimating software
  • Estimating engineer estimates the labor and material
  • Quote is finalized by our company owner and emailed to customer with price and lead time


What is your order process?
  • Purchase order contract review
  • Job process write up
  • Equipment scheduling
  • Material procurement
  • Purchase order acknowledgement
How do you handle post sale service?
  • Sales engineer field follow up appointment
  • Ensure we are providing value in price, quality and lead time
  • Yearly customer feedback surveys
Do you track on-time delivery?

On-time deliveries are tracked by customer.

Do you track your quality rating?

Yes, we calculate our quality rating on a quarterly basis.

Did you get your answer?

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