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Committed to Quality and to Our Customers

At Walerko Tool and Engineering, attention to quality comes first-and last, and has been the foundation for our continued growth, since 1952. Walerko Tool and Engineering has two facilities totaling 48,000 sq. ft. of air conditioned manufacturing space. Walerko is equipped with the latest CNC horizontal and vertical machining centers including secondary machining equipment. Our company has been ISO 9001-2008 registered since 1999.

From Left to Right: Mike Davis, Head Programmer/Process Engineer; Tom Slocum, Quality Manager; Ed Walerko, Owner; Brian Evans, Sales Manager; Diane Boal, Office Purchasing Manager; Tim DeCocker, Plant Manager.

We have added Caterpillars MQ10006 certification and AS9100 to our quality control achievements.

Reared in the rich tool and die heritage of northern Indiana and southwest lower Michigan, our highly experienced employees have a commitment to their craft and to our customers. From concept and design, through final inspection and crating, tolerances and functional accuracy are checked carefully to assure that our end products perform as they are intended.

We have a commitment to maintaining modern state-of-the-art equipment and facilities as well. Our skilled workforce must have the finest tools and machines to perform their craft. This commitment is more than idle talk. Each year Walerko Tool and Engineering spends countless man-hours and thousands of dollars on new equipment, training, plant preventative maintenance, and equipment rebuilding.

Walerko Tool & Engineering has produced a wide array of precision piece parts, tools, fixtures, gauges and special machines for some of America’s leading industries; most notable heavy off-road equipment, automotive, marine, aerospace and machine tool. We can machine, design and engineer to your specification, or work from your blueprints.


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